- I want to make this as database independent as possible. To that end I hope to write functions that wrap the standard PHP database functions so that in the preferences you can set which database you use and Bucos will use it. i.e. database_query
would be mysql_query if MySQL set
or postgresql_query if PostgreSQL set or whatever.
Status - 10% done

- Make Product Groups so that products that are often used together can be accessed quickly as a group.
Status - 0% done.

- Add functionality to modify existing entries in database i.e. cost, price, etc...
Status - 0% done.

- In reorder report, make each entry in report a link so that clicking on name initiates a product inquiry of that product, clicking on part number initiates purchasing of that product.
Status - 100% done.

Add the ability to search for product by ProductID, Description.
Status - 0% done.

Add a menu item in Inventory section for PO maintenance, i.e. cancelled items, add quantities, just view outstanding issues
Status - 0% done.

UI - Make the program more user friendly and purdy. This will be done MUCH later when the program is more fully functional. Anyone with graphics, presentation ability is welcome to help.
Status - 0% done.