This is the first alpha release of BuCoS. The inventory section is fully functional. There are a few features that I still will implement but they are conveniences that will be done at a later date. See TODO for details.


Marc Baker

Webpage <--as of today (November 11) I haven't done this yet. Maybe tommorrow.


Untar the file into a directory of your Apache installation. (htdocs or /home/httpd/). Edit the preferences file and enter the MySQL server information for your installation (IP, username, password). If you wish you can change the names of the Database and tables that BuCoS will use but the defaults should suffice. Open the file 'MySQL_DB_Create.php in a browser. This will create the database, tables and will create a user named admin with password 'bucos' so you can login. You can enter any users you want but you have to do this manually (this will change). Follow the link to start using BuCoS.

General Principles of BuCoS (thus far)

Currently BuCoS expects you to enter PO's, Product ID's. There may be a need out there for these to be strictly integers that BuCoS generates for you. However, some people will want to have control over these things. This will be addressed later. Either by way of within the program (if possible) or a seperate release. Your input is encouraged.

Comments, Suggestions are encouraged. This project is hosted by Sourceforge. Feel free to mosy on over to the project page and post a message.

You can also submit bugs and many other things. The resources there are incredible, please use them.

Special Thanks

Of course to the people of Sourceforge and VA Linux. I'm sure I could've written this program without Sourceforge but I know it wouldn't have been this organized and easy. Once this project matures the many features of Sourceforge for distribution and maintenance will be invaluable. Thank You.