Change Log

September 27, 2000

- Created empty pages for menus
- sketched in login procedure
- Very basic right now
- No testing done.

October 7, 2000

- Fixed login. It now logs you in but doesn't remember anything about you
- added pages to add a new product. Error in SQL syntax
- fixed up various minor things

October 8, 2000

- Fixed error in adding new product

October 25, 2000

- added Product Inquiry functionality
- view Product Info and History.
- various clean up

ctober 26, 2000

- added Purchasing functionality

November 7, 2000

- added Vendor Part Number column in Products Table for reference.

November 10, 2000

- Error in SQL Query with regards to ProductID entry in Products table. Needed quotes around it
(now text field, wasan INT field) --fixed.

November 11, 2000

- Seperated Inventory Transactions from PO Receipt. This way you only have to type in PO number
and it will find the product(s) in it and display total ordered for you to confirm/change. Old way was
for user to enter all info.
- Added Cycle Count Adjustment into Inventory Adjustments. This will become clearer when permissions
implemented. Admin may want someone to have access to adjustments for Cycle Counts of Inventory for
convenience but not access to regular adjustments.
- Implemented Re-Order Report
- Fixed various small problems. Now pretty much functional (inventory anyways)
- Ready for release 0.1a